A new online portal is available for families registering with the Darebin Child Care Registration System. To register your child online visit: www.darebin.vic.gov.au/childcare A paper registration form is not required if using the online portal. To submit a paper form, you can either come into the centre and we will supply you with one or you can go to the website of City of Darebin and print one off.

After the registration is submitted, you will receive an email confirming the registration. A registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email. 

Please return your completed registration form to:
Darebin Kindergarten and Child Care Registration Team
PO Box 91, Preston VIC 3072.
*If returning by post, please ensure you receive confirmation of registration within three weeks. The City of Darebin will not be liable for registration forms lost in the mail.

Or in person, to any customer service centre below:

Preston Customer Service Centre
274 Gower Street, Preston
8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Northcote Customer Service Centre
32-38 Separation Street, Northcote
8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Reservoir Community and Learning Centre
23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir
10am – 5pm Monday – Friday

This will depend on how many families are already on the waiting list, the availability in the rooms and the amount of days you require.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email advising that you have been accepted onto the waiting list. The second email you will receive will be offering you a position at our centre with what room and what days. Once you get this email, please contact the centre immediately to enrol your child. When you come in to collect the package you will set up your FREE orientation and be given your commencement date.

City Of Darebin Centralised Waiting List

Phone: (03) 8470 8888
Fax: 8470 8877
Email: mailbox@darebin.vic.gov.au

Five days for one hour, completely free. This is for your child’s benefit. Even if your child has been in child care before, we still strongly suggest this for your child. New educators in a new environment can be a little daunting,

Nappies, formula/breast milk (labelled & dated), hat, water bottle, nappy cream, spare clothes, if your child has sensitive skin you will need to supply their own sunscreen labelled.

On arrival you need to remove all medication from your child’s bag and hand over to an educator. You will need to sign the medication in. When you leave for the day you need to sign that the medication was administered and take the medication with you. The only medication that must remain on premises at all times is Ventolin and epi pen.

  • Duckling Room: 6 months – 2 years (1:4 ratio)
  • Penguin Room: 2 years – 3 years (1:4 years)
  • Rosella Room: 3 years – 5 years (1:11 ratio)
  • 3-year-old Program: (1:11 ratio)
  • 4-year-old Kindergarten (1:11 ratio)

Fees are direct debited from your nominated bank account fortnightly. You will be sent an invoice to your email the week prior.

After you have given your 2 weeks’ notice and your fees are at zero balance, you will be refunded your bond payment.

At the end of each term, you will receive an invoice to pay the following term via direct deposit.

Storypark is a safe and secure site, owned and controlled by you. Parents are the administrators of their child’s account, and the owners of all photos, videos and content. Parents are able to invite family and friends to view their child’s portfolio.

We have a rating of Exceeding over both of our centres.

Our educators have Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Bachelor of early childhood studies, Bachelor of Teaching and Certificate 3.

Yes, the cook makes our menu up weekly. It will be tailored to the children will their different needs.

The educators will work with you and your routine at home. Working on the same routine of meal times, sleep times etc. will help your child settle into childcare smoothly.

To hold your position you will need to pay your normal fortnightly fee. CCS may be available to lower your cost of fees.

You can receive CCS and JETCCFA for 42 absence days per child each financial year. These can be for any reason and will not require proof and include public holidays. If you exceed 42 absence days in the financial year full fees will apply. If you supply a medical certificate you will receive benefits.

Yes, there are no change tables available in the room. We must keep within our ratios and therefor educators cannot leave the room to change nappies.

Picking up days: Please see office and we will check to see what available permanent days we have.
Dropping days: Please see office to give 2 weeks’ notice to drop days.
Ceasing care: Please see office to give 2 weeks’ notice to cease care. Your bond payment will be reimbursed 1-2 weeks after your child’s last day.

The educators will notify that your child is ready to move up to the next room. Over the next week, your child will go for short visits to meet the educators and children to help for a smooth transition.

We provide a birthday cake for your child on their attending day. If their birthday is not on their childcare day, you are able to request one for their next childcare day. We provide the birthday cake due to allergies at the centre.

Yes, we have a late fee of $5 per minute. This is to cover the staff’s wage for staying back after hours.

No, we have regular incursions. They vary from farm animals, reptiles, African drumming, health & fitness, music & movement, chicken hatching and more!

All policies are located in the foyer. Please see office for assistance if needed.

The committee of management meet on the last Wednesday of every month. The meetings are held at the centres alternating from Preston to Reservoir, starting at 7pm and goes for an hour. Families are welcome to join the committee at any time.

Yes, we are closed on all gazed public holidays, one day mid-year for Professional Development Day and approximately 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year.