We have put together a Philosophy at each centre, Preston & Reservoir. Please read below –



Darebin Childcare and Kindergarten acknowledge traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulan Nation. We pay respect to, their elders past and present.

Our core values and guiding practices are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework Standards and Child safe Standards. As a service, we pride ourselves on planning and implementing effective and child-focused programs that cater to each child’s interests and needs.

Partnerships with families is of high value to Darebin Childcare & Kindergarten and through mutual trust and communication with parents/educators, we believe children’s holistic development is better supported.

Our core values are reflected in various elements of our practice and programs:

  • encouraging children to extend on their ideas and interests through providing a meaningful curriculum that enriches children’s learning, spontaneous involvement and shared interactions.
  • developing on children’s existing interests and needs through planning and implementing a curriculum that incorporates pedagogical knowledge and practice.
  • educators apply intentional teaching strategies when planning and organising the physical learning environment.
  • guide children to develop an appreciation for the environment and maintain sustainable practices, encouraging children, educators and families to contribute to a sustainable future.
  • educators are enthusiastic in children’s understanding of equality and social justice issues, which allows them to make their own decisions.
  • we incorporate Indigenous/Torres Strait beliefs and traditions to better understand their cultural needs.
  • provide an opportunity for children to experience a range of healthy food choices at meal times, and acknowledging that physical activity is a vital part of the curriculum.
  • encouraging children to identify risk and consequences in their play under the guidance of educators.
  • provide a holistic and supportive approach to include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of all our families, children and educators.
  • support the parental role by working in partnerships with families while promoting trust, building confidence and reassurance with vulnerable families.
  • engage with external communities to support children/families to reinforce a sense of belonging.




Darebin Childcare & Kindergarten’s core values and principles are reflected within our philosophy ‘Play – Learn – Grow, and are achieved through strong commitments with children, families and within our wider culturally diverse community.

We continue to acknowledge Traditional Custodians of the land and elders past and present and are implementing our ‘Reconciliation Action Plan’ through ‘Narragunnawali’. This program supports early learning services in Australia to develop environments that foster a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and contributions.

We aim to maintain a high standard of care to our families and communities through the implementation of the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ and in accordance with the ‘National Quality Standards’.

COMMUNITY – We aim to:

  • Strengthen relationships with children, families and the wider community.
  • Respect and value each child’s right to belong to a family and community and to identify with their culture.
  • Support parents in their parenting role, and recognize that parents’ values and beliefs are an instrumental part of a child’s identity.

PLAY – We aim to:

  • Follow a play-based curriculum that strengthens all children’s capacity to learn and develop new skills, regardless of their ability, culture, and background. When appropriate, scaffolding every child’s play experiences into teachable moments; for new learning discoveries.
  • Be responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interests. Learning outcomes will be promoted through the educator’s observations of and engagement with the children.
  • Have children’s voices and choices valued and informing the curriculum.
  • Have educators be deliberate and purposeful in the delivery of play experiences, which informs the planned and spontaneous program.

LEARN – We aim to: 

  • Provide culturally diversity and respectful learning environment, understanding that exposure and acceptance of diverse cultures is vital in embedding strong understanding of equality and promoting active community participation throughout life.
  • Provide new and exciting ways of being and doing. Children have the opportunity to explore many aspects of their identity, including social/emotional aspects, physical well-being, learning and communication skills.
  • Respect the natural environment and the interdependence of land, people, plants and animals.
  • Promote an understanding of the impact of human activity on the environment and developing a rich understanding for environmentally sustainable practices.

GROW – We aim to:

  • Establish the foundations for children to grow, to be resilient and confident from early childhood into adulthood.
  • Support the development of early literacy and numeracy, promoting positive attitudes for lifelong learning.
  • Provide healthy eating options and physical experiences to increase children’s awareness of healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.