4 Year old FUNDED Kinder

4 year old Kindergarten are government funded and are 15 hours per week. Children are eligible to attend kindergarten if they turn 4 years of age on or before 30 April in the year of attendance. A cost will be required by families, these are term fees. For longer hours (Integrated) families will be charged a daily fee not a term fee.

We have two Kindergarten teachers who run the 4 year old Funded Kindergarten on a Monday & Tuesday (red group) OR Thursday & Friday (green group)
Sessional hours: 8:30am-4:45pm
Integrated hours: 7am – 6pm

The Kindergarten curriculum program is a play based structure which follows the children’s interests and is blended with international teaching methods that work towards supporting, enhancing and extending on the interest topics. In addition, to familiarise the children with for-coming primary school practices, in the curriculum program we intentionally incorporate large group projects where the children are working together towards the same goals and objectives.

Our curriculum program is also, based on partnerships and having positive trusting relationships with families and the wider community. How we work towards achieving this broad objective is by inviting active participation, sharing and exchanging relevant information about the children both in verbal and written forms. As educators we strongly believe that these foundations provide a nurturing, respectful and meaningful curriculum program that develop a strong sense of belonging in the children and their families.

Children of families who use the long day care centre are eligible to register for a kindergarten placement by placing their name on City of Darebin centralised waiting list.

Those families who are not using long day care and whose name is on the waiting list will adhere to the
guidelines and procedures set down by City of Darebin Kindergarten Centralised Waiting List.It is expected that all children have the opportunity to attend
a kindergarten program prior to school entry.

What to bring for Sessional Kindergarten:

  • Water bottle (water only)
  • Lunch (sandwich, piece of fruit etc.)
  • Sunscreen (only children with sensitive skin or allergies, otherwise centre provides)
  • Bag with a change of clothes
  • Sun / Winter hat
  • Coat

*For Integrated Kindergarten all food will be provided.

All items must be clearly labelled.
We ask that you do not bring any NUT PRODUCTS.